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Hi, how nice of you to have a look at our site.
Our B&B is called “in de wei” which translates to “in the meadow” for a reason, because regardless which window you look through it’s meadows all around. Between March and October you will often see cows and buffalos graze. With a bit of luck you might also spot dear, hare, pheasant, partridges or a lapwing. You will most definately see farmer Cees on his tractor.

The farm is fully operational which means you will not only see Cees busy with mowing and haying in the meadow, also in the yard there are many chores to be taken care of like cleaning out the stalls, feeding the cows, the calves and buffalos. Since there is always something to do at a farm Lies occasionally jumps in next to the job she holds outside the farm.

As of 2018 there is less need for her help because of a reorganisation of the farm which led to a decrease of the dairy activities. That gave room to fulfill a long held dream: receiving guests in our own Bed & Breakfast. The charm of combining farming with hosting a B&B is that amongst others it allows room for the occasional chat or inform guests about the farm, its surroundings, walkways and bicycle routes, daytrips and recommendations for nice restaurants.

What makes us special:

Rural setting

Onze Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by meadows. Enjoy the view of grazing cows and swaying grass. Unwind.


The entire accommodation is equipped with free wifi.

Bicycle routes

There are many bicycle routes in the neighbourhood that make for either an active or leisurely day out.

We understand

Our spoken languages: Dutch (native), English (native) and German

Wheelchair frendly

Our B&B has a wheelchair-accessible room with accompanying facilities. So everyone can enjoy our B&B

Charge it

For both electric bicycles and cars charging facilities are available.

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